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Jennifer 4 years old
Jennifer 4 years old

Jennifer Weller was born in Munich on 9th of January 1987.

She ´s German-Filipino descent.


Jennifer´s life started pretty challenging. She had to fight for her life in order to a rhesus incompatibility. Only a blood exchange right after birth could save her.

Even though she can not really remember to be in such great danger, for some reason Jennifer was always aware of the gift of life. She always knew being alive is nothing one should take for granted. No matter how much she had to fight, after the first big lesson, she never forgot to see the joy of life.


At the age of one she and her parents moved to Franconia where she grew up. After her parents got divorced her grandmother raised Jennifer as her own child.


After finishing school, Jennifer's first steps into show business were behind the camera. She trained as event manager and gathered first experiences as unit manager assistant for TV production, as well as production assistant and director assistant on numerous event productions.


Meanwhile Jennifer was also working on her career in front of the camera. Focused on her job training as event manager she couldn't spend much time on castings and modeling jobs at first.

Anyway Jennifer always ended up in front of a camera for fashion shootings or TV commercials. After job training she started working in her family's business still builting up a name in the media industry. Her clients and agencies love her natural beauty and variable look. They also appreciate Jennifer's professional, focused and plain style on set which turns work into a fun time.


In 2010 Jennifer found a way to a hidden passion. She was cast as 'Ling Lu' in her first German cinema movie called 'Otto´s Eleven' (Warner Bros.) , which is a parody of the well known movie 'Ocean´s Eleven'. As 'LingLu' she played one of Otto's Eleven. Jennifer enjoys acting so she decided to take private acting lessons to grow as an actress.

2015 Jennifer started a youTube Channel. She loads up videos about different topics.


Jennifer lives in Nuremberg, Germany. She likes spending time with family and friends and taking her Havanese Snoopy for a walk in the countryside.

Jennifer loves japananes, thai, indian, italien and german food. As long as the dishes come along without meat, eggs or milk. Jennifer eats a vegan diet since 2014. 

Jennifer also likes to welcome guests on her self made sun deck in the summer and having garden parties.


For further information have a look at her Sedcard or her Vita.

Favourite quote:
It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult.

( Lucius A. Seneca)